RumpusRoom is a creative studio founded by Ina Weyers, a curious & creative wanderer from Antwerp, Belgium. She is addicted to photography, architecture, graphic design, art and -not to forget- traveling.

Inevitably taking pictures during all kind of magnificent trips in search for fantastic people, beautiful buildings, overwhelming nature-experiences and interesting cultural exchange she collected a wide range of pictures.

On this platform she wants to share some of her favorite images with you. So if you’re curious and want to discover her architectural work click #Still_Space. If you’re more into escaping a grey and boring day click #WanderessWorld for more travelphotography.

Thanx for connecting to RumpusRoom PhotoGraphy!

For all photography-, art lovers, artists and curious culture minded wanderers around the globe we have some good news! RumpusRoom PhotoGraphy is part of the bigger RumpusRoom CreativeStudio which recently opened RumpusRoom GuestHouse in Antwerp -Belgium. So if you want to experience more RumpusRoom come over and share a creative inspiring stay with us!

Any question or just wanna say hello@rumpusroom.be? Happy to hear you!

Portrait by ©LieveDelvaux